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‘Imperium’ Now Available

Pick it up from our labels – Self Aware and Bitter Melody Also available here: iTunes Spotify Apple Music “Consider the song “Other People” – a blistering account of what we see from fellow humans on a daily basis. That it bleeds the Dillinger Four ethic directly into a Murder City Devils-esque song of warning, “Lust...Continue reading

Punk band Totally Slow rocks at a rate all their own

Totally Slow returns to Wilmington on Saturday, March 31, for a show at Reggie’s 42nd Street Tavern, and the band has only gathered speed since its most recent Port City show. They added a second guitarist, Chuck Johnson, released a melodic, shotgun-blast follow-up full-length (“Bleed Out”), a split 7-inch and, on March 16, the politically...Continue reading

‘The Finger’ Video Premiere

The first adrenaline shot from “Imperium” comes in the form of “The Finger” and its accompanying music video, an unadulterated two-minute infusion of unrest. Filmed in black and white, “The Finger” features all four members of Totally Slow performing in black blindfolds interspersed with footage of similarly blindfolded men, women and children marching past each...Continue reading

Self Aware + TS <3

We’re excited to be working with Totally Slow again on the release of their new EP, “Imperium,” check out the preorder here. This release follows up their 2016 sophomore LP, “Bleed Out,” and their debut 2013 self-titled release. SO here comes a new 6-song EP, “Imperium.” 1/29/2018


Eventually this will be available in this store too, BUT to keep the preorder as simple as possible we are doing it in one location via Self Aware Records. You can get our CD and/or the cassette here: We did the digipack CD while Self Aware handled the cassettes.  

Bleed Out / Sorry State Records

Their first album was heavy on the broad, bright melodies, but Bleed Out is an altogether darker affair, making use of more grit and heaviness in the songwriting, and wrapping it in a beefier, slightly rawer recording (I like that distortion on the vocals!) to match. I’m reminded of a lot of things… Leatherface, Alkaline Trio, Dillinger...Continue reading